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Google Zeitgeist: Most searched keywords in 2012 [Egypt]

Here it is again, the Google Zeitgeist, summarizing the years most popular searches in a great video round-up. So what featured this year? Well Red Bull did pretty well as always, but they really smashed it this year, becoming the opening and closing pieces of content.

Meanwhile, just about everything you’d expect made it in, along with a few pieces that you would have thought wow, how’d that make it! Click here to enjoy the full Google Zeitgeist 2012 site.

Egypt’s Most searched keywords in 2012:

Egypt’s Top Trending Query:
Port Said Incident – where 74 young football fans were killed in an attack on the Port Said Stadium during a match between AlAhly and Port Said’s ElNadi ElMasry.

Egypt’s Top Trending People:
Tawfik Okasha – a controversial moderator and head of the ElFara’een TV-channel.

Egypt’s Top Trending Politician:
Nader Bakar – Media Spokesman of the extremist Islamist Salafist Movement and AlNour Party.

Egypt’s Most Searched Sports Team:
Al Zamalek – One of the top football-teams in Egypt.

Egypt’s Most Search Egyptian Olympian:
Karam Gaber – Two-time-Olympic-Medalist in Greek Wrestling.

Egypt’s Top Trending Celebrity:
Nishan Dirharotionyan – a Lebanese TV-Moderator.

Egypt’s Top Trending News Outlet:
Youm7 – an independent, privately owned daily newspaper.

Egypt’s Top Trending Travel Destination:
Al Ein Al Sokhna – located at the Red Sea.

Egypt’s Top Trending Image Search:
Egypt’s flag

Egypt’s Top Trending Food & Drink Search:
Strawberry juice

Egypt’s Top Trending Fashion label:
Ted Baker

Egypt’s Top Trending Song:
Haqqy Bra’ebty – A song from the Soundtrack of ElSobki’s film “Game Over”, starring Egyptian actress Yousra.

Egypt’s Top Trending TV Program:
Sabaya Al Kheer – a TV-program on ElNahar Chanel, with moderator Riham Said, discussing mostly controversial, social topics.

Egypt’s Most Searched TV Sitcom:
Fatma – a Turkish, Arabic-dubbed TV-series.

Egypt’s Top Trending Musician:
Mashrou’ Leila – a Lebanese alternative rock band.

Egypt’s Most Searched Athlete:
Cristiano Ronaldo – captain of the Portuguese National Team and forward player in Real Madrid.

Click here to enjoy Egypt’s full list Zeitgeist 2012 site.


World’s Most searched keywords in 2012:

Some expected, some not-so-expected, the top worldwide trends for 2012 are as follows:


  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Gangnam Style
  3. Hurricane Sandy
  4. iPad 3
  5. Diablo 3
  6. Kate Middleton
  7. Olympics 2012
  8. Amanda Todd
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  10. BBB12


  1. One Direction
  2. Selena Gomez
  3. iPhone 5
  4. Megan Fox
  5. Rihanna
  6. Justin Bieber
  7. Harry Styles
  8. Minecraft
  9. Nicki Minaj
  10. Katy Perry


  1. Jeremy Lin
  2. Michael Phelps
  3. Peyton Manning
  4. McKayla Maroney
  5. Junior Seau
  6. Sarah Burke
  7. Tom Daley
  8. Lance Armstrong
  9. Mario Balotelli
  10. Ryan Lochte


  1. Hurricane Sandy
  2. Kate Middleton Pictures Released
  3. Olympics 2012
  4. SOPA Debate
  5. Costa Concordia crash
  6. Presidential Debate
  7. Stratosphere Jump
  8. Penn State Scandal
  9. Trayvon Martin shooting
  10. Pussy Riots


  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Kate Middleton
  3. Amanda Todd
  4. Michael Clarke Duncan
  5. One Direction
  6. Felix Baumgartner
  7. Jeremy Lin
  8. Morgan Freeman
  9. Joseph Kony
  10. Donna Summer

Feature Films:

  1. The Hunger Games
  2. Skyfall
  3. Prometheus
  4. The Avengers
  5. Magic Mike
  6. John Carter
  7. Ek Tha Tiger
  8. Paranormal Activity 4
  9. Taken 2
  10. Dark Shadows

TV Shows:

  1. BBB12
  2. Avenida Brasil
  3. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
  4. The Voice
  5. American Idol
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. Homeland
  8. Revenge
  9. Cheias de Charme
  10. Carrossel

Performing Artists:

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Michael Clarke Duncan
  3. One Direction
  4. Donna Summer
  5. Lana Del Ray
  6. Carolina Dieckmann
  7. Dirk Bach
  8. Carly Rae Jepsen
  9. Michel Telo
  10. LMFAO

Consumer Electronics:

  1. iPad 3
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3
  3. iPad Mini
  4. Nexus 7
  5. Galaxy Note 2
  6. Play Station
  7. iPad 4
  8. Microsoft Surface
  9. Kindle Fire
  10. Nokia Lumia 920


  1. Southwest Airlines
  2. United Airlines
  3. American Airlines
  4. Delta Airlines
  5. Air France
  6. Lufthansa
  7. British Airways
  8. JetBlue
  9. Air Canada
  10. US Airways

Google+ Hashtags:

  1. #SOPA
  2. #Awesome
  3. #Sandy
  4. #IO12
  5. #Curiosity
  6. #Olympics
  7. #SXSW
  8. #Debate
  9. #BlastFromThePast
  10. #Eastwooding

Check out the Google Zeitgeist website for country-specific trends and loads more.

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