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Top 10 Trending Google Searches in Egypt of 2015

Today, Google announced its 15th annual Year in Search, offering a unique perspective on the year’s major moments and top trends based on searches conducted in Egypt.

This year’s trending searches show a leading interest in national events such as the inauguration of the new Suez Canal; which was among the top search queries. Also, entertainment searches took center stage this year, with the top search queries including a variety of entertainment searches related to TV shows, movies and music.

The results of 2015 also reveal that entertainment celebrities are a major point of interest for Egyptians, with recently departed celebrities such as Faten Hamama, Omar Sherif and Noor El Sherif, coming on top of the list of Egypt’s most searched celebrities. Nothing brings people together like sports, and in Egypt, the sport to be is football and the most searched player for Egyptians was Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian footballer playing for the Italian club Roma. Google’s annual Year in Search report explores the people, places, and events that captured consumer interest in 2015.

Top Trending Queries :

  1. Mahragan Mafish Saheb Yetsaheb (Song)
  2. Ramez Wakel El Gaw (TV Show)
  3. Enta Ma’alem (Song)
  4. University Admission System (Tanseeq)
  5. Mirna El Mohandess (Late Actress)
  6. Min El Nazra El Tanya (TV Series)
  7. Seib Eedy video clip
  8. Captain Misr (Movie)
  9. Suez Canal
  10. Technical Diplomas Results

Top Trending Public Figures:

  1. Faten Hamama
  2. Omar El Sherif
  3. Nour El Sherif
  4. Mirna El Mohandess
  5. Yasmine Al Narsh
  6. Paris Hilton
  7. Shimaa Al Sabagh
  8. Bardees
  9. Saeed Tarabeek
  10. Shady Serour

Top Trending Events:

  1. New Suez Canal Opening
  2. Death of the General Prosecutor
  3. Faten Hamama’s Funeral
  4. Nour El Sherif Funeral
  5. The Mecca crane incident
  6. The slaughtering of Egyptians in Libya
  7. Burning of the Jordanian pilot
  8. Aytan Ammar’s wedding
  9. Solar Eclipse
  10. Mother’s Day

Top Trending TV Shows:

  1. Ramez Wakel El Gaw
  2. Misr Theater (Masra7 Masr)
  3. Abla Fahita
  4. The Voice
  5. Sabaya El Kheir
  6. Khawater 11
  7. Hobot Edterary
  8. Star Academy
  9. Al Tagroba Al Khafeya
  10. Cash or Splash

Top Trending Music

  1. Enta Ma’alem
  2. Mahragan Mafeesh Saheb Yetsaheb
  3. Mahragan Fartaka Fartaka
  4. Seeb Eidy
  5. Ebe’d A’aney
  6. Zan’et Setat Movie Song
  7. Ben’ayer (The song of the movie Regata)
  8. Sekket El Salama (Amal Maher)
  9. Mahmoud Eh Dah Ya Mahmoud (By Poussy)
  10. Saleel El Sawarem (ISIS Song)

Top Trending Movies :

  1. Al Jazeera 2
  2. Zan’et Setat
  3. Welad Rizk
  4. Captain Masr
  5. Omar W Salwa
  6. Ahwak
  7. Wahed See’dy
  8. Fast & Furious 7
  9. Regata
  10. Gomhouryet Embaba

Top Trending TV Series:

  1. Saherat Al Ganoub
  2. Al Kabeer Awi 5
  3. Mawlana Al Asheq
  4. Waly Al Ahd
  5. Halet Eshq
  6. Le’bet Ebliss
  7. Lahfa
  8. Jouda Akbar
  9. Eyoun Al Alb
  10. Al Eshq Al Aswad

Top Trending Sport Topics:

  1. Mohamed Salah
  2. Ramdan Sobhy
  3. Hossam Ghaly
  4. Egypt Vs. Chad
  5. Egyptian Football League
  6. Omar Gaber
  7. Ahmed El Sheikh
  8. Jose Peseiro
  9. Zamalek Goals
  10. Hamada El Sayed

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