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Google reinforces brand positioning in Egypt with new Ask Google campaign

Google it.

The search engine has become what all brands hope to be, a named action or term for a specific item. Such as Pampers and Band-Aids became their product category’s nickname, Google became a well-used verb and action.

It’s hard to forget how big the brand is, but it is easy to forget how much we use it on a daily basis.

Google may be the world’s most used search engine, and one of the biggest tech companies since the internet boom, but even they still need the use of reminder/retargeting advertising techniques.

Localized engagement strategy:

Google reinforces its product’s positioning as Egypt’s number 1 search engine, maintaining its top of mind position even during the excitement surrounding our return to the world cup.

The tech company joins in on the WC mania by adding 3 new ads to its long running “Ask Google” campaign, playing on one of our favorite flaws.


The campaign uses a popular stereotype, that is sadly true, subtly reigniting the debate whether or not we should be asking anyone we know for information, and if not them then who?

It all boils down to just “Ask Google.”

The search engine also moves away from its native platform online to advertising on TV for more of a mass reach, reminding us that traditional media still has a place, even for online businesses.

According to a 2016 global survey by Ogilvy Media Influence, it is still true that traditional media’s strength is still there.

According to the study, “The survey found that the more a brand is covered by traditional media channels, the more credible the brand appears to its key stakeholders [52%]”

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Although the internet’s convenience continues to be powerful, sometimes its nice to have a change of pace on a brand’s advertising front. As long as brands keep in mind that each form of media needs its own special flavoring.

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