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Google Doodles celebrates Samia Gamal’s 93rd Birthday

On what would be her 93rd birthday, Google Doodles celebrate Samia Gamal, an Egyptian icon whose talents are admired as much today by aspiring dancers and film fans as they were in the height of her fame.

Samia Gamal

A child of 1920s Egypt, Samia Gamal went on to become a celebrated film actress, renowned for her belly dancing talents. Best known for Raqs Sharqi (Oriental dancing), she took inspiration from all styles of dance, from ballet to ballroom.

After establishing herself, it wasn’t too long before her talents were recognised and she was starring in films in her home country and abroad.

Google-samia-gamals-93rd-birthday Doodle Reach
Samia Gamal Doodle’s Reach

By the late 1940’s she was a huge star and was named “National Dancer of Egypt.” She continued to appear in numerous films into the ‘60s — an era that saw the star stepping out in New York and performing her fusion of Latin-style belly dancing.

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