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Google Doodles Celebrate Hassan Fathy’s 117th birthday

On March 23rd, 1900 a legendary Egyptian architect, artist and poet was born. Google Doodles celebrate the iconic Hassan Fathy’s 117 birthday.

Hassan Fathy:

Hassan Fathy, the Alexandrian born architect, he pioneered in sustainable architecture. In his lifetime he designed more than thirty projects including several villages for the poor.


He left behind a legacy of 160 building projects ranging from small projects to large-scale communities complete with mosques and schools, they are a series of modest private residences shaped by his profound understanding of vernacular design.

He once wrote: “Architectural form should consider the forces in nature of wind, rain, even how an earthquake shaking it would make it fall in a pattern that follows the geological formation of a mountain.”

Hassan Fathy is also, renowned for having revived the traditional Nubian vault

Hassan Fathy received several awards for his work, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1980, and founded The International Institute for Appropriate Technology in 1977.

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