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Google adds a black ribbon for Egypt’s Coptic Cathedral victims

YouTube and Google are expressing their condolence to the Egyptian people. Google and YouTube displayed a black ribbon as a symbol of sympathy with Saint Mark’s Cathedral attacks in Cairo.

The symbol is currently being used to mourn the lives lost as a result of the terror incident that took place in Egypt’s main Coptic Christian cathedral killed 25 people and wounded another 35 on Sunday, in one of the tragic attacks carried out against the religious minority in recent memory.

Google has paid tribute to the 25 victims of the attack in the Egyptian capital at the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo with a black ribbon placed on its Egypt search homepage as a mark of respect to the victims of the inhumane bombing at St. Mark Church today in Cairo. The image was displayed on the page shortly after the tragic event.

Previously, both websites have displayed the black ribbon to the people of Baghdad because of the horrific bombing in Karrada, 2016, the people of Orlando after the massive massacre in June, 2016, the shooting of Christina Grimmie right after her concert, also, the victims of Paris attack back in 2015 and victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Egypt’s official MENA news agency said an assailant lobbed a bomb into a chapel close to the outer wall of St Mark’s Cathedral, seat of Egypt’s Orthodox Christian church and home to the office of its spiritual leader, Pope Tawadros II. Egyptian state TV gave the casualty toll.

Egyptian security officials, quoted by state media, said that an explosive device containing about 26 pounds of TNT had been placed in the chapel. It went off during Mass at about 10 a.m. Most of the dead and wounded were women and children, Sherief Wadee, an assistant minister for health, said in a television interview. The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi declared three days of mourning, state media said.

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