Everything I have is because of you, Babyshop Mother’s Day Campaign

Within the various cultures of MENA, one of the things that stays the same is a heavy focus on the matriarchs that keep families together. This makes Mother’s Day quite the occasion for many brands to jump upon, making it an expected experience for consumers who are used to chasing after promotions and free gifts for both their mothers and themselves.

What isn’t something expected is how this leading children’s clothing retailer decided to blend in with the clutter until its very unexpected and slightly gut-wrenching twist, making it stand out among the rest.


The Gift of Mom by Babyshop

Following a young boy as he thanks all the things his mother has given him, all the joy and experiences, even noting that “everything, I mean everything, I have is because of you,” makes the ad seem as another simple and direct thank you to mothers.

However, right after this touching moment comes a punch in the gut.


According to Babyshop,

“In the Middle East, more than 70% of mothers do not screen themselves for breast cancer, and a majority of them would rather not know they have breast cancer (and face the dangers of delayed detection) than know they have the disease and go through the treatment.

Fear of losing their hair or not looking beautiful because of the side effects of the treatments, scares women and ignorance becomes temporary bliss. But, with 1 in 8 women at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer, the disease does impact many women, mothers and families in the region.”

Mother’s Day is seen as a bright happy day, and it’s hard not to notice all the bright signs and social posts, but Babyshop took a step back to take a deeper look into its audience.

Rather than serving itself by promoting products or a special occasion sale, Babyshop and agency FP7 McCann Dubai team up to unleash an important message and initiative. There is no Mother’s Day without a mother, take March 21 as the day you pledge to get screened more often.

The ad was widely appreciated and moved many. Prominent Australian-Lebanese radio presenter Kris Fade also posted about the ad in between his Kris Fade Show on Virgin Dubai Radio.


Offline Activations to Encourage Check Ups

Walking the talk, Babyshop is pushing the initiative with other activations and partnerships. The retailer partnered with medical centers such as Aster to offer complimentary screening to all women, as well as ride-hailing app Uber to provide complimentary rides to the medical centers.

Integrating their campaign with on-ground activations, Babyshop will be helping give the gift of moms through fitting rooms converted to screening rooms, as well promoting the initiative and to get checked on hangers and aisles. According to the retailer, there will also be school activations will collect messages for mothers, and there will be acts to reminds mothers to screens themselves in major cinemas in Dubai.


The Gift of Mom Credits

Agency: FP7 McCann Dubai
Production House: Dejavu
Executive Producer: Manasvi Gosalia
Director: Tahaab Rais
DOP: Bobby Dhillon
Editor: Neelay Shah
First AD: Zeus Merhi
Producer: Kavya Iyer
Post Producer: Mary Bou Akl
Grading: Karim Mira
Creative Director: Tahaab Rais
Copywriter, Art Director: Tahaab Rais
General Manager – Business Unit: Nima Askari
Senior Account Director: Vicky Kriplani
Regional Head of Strategy: Tahaab Rais
Account Manager: Marine Deneufbourg
Executive Creative Director: Olly Robinson
Art Direction: Selen Caliskan Batur
Make-up: Merve Bayazit Cangokce
Sound Studio: Mango Jam
Production: Amiya Nagpal
Casting Agency: MMG

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