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Godzilla? No, Giant Rubber Duck takes over Egypt’s Nile

To bring a smile to people’s faces during difficult times, Cairo is about to be visited by a gigantic and slightly scary yellow Rubber Duck. Moving slowly through the river Nile, this very large and intimidating work of art can be seen along the river.

A popular staple in many home bathtubs, the Rubber duck has long been a symbol of childhood memories for many. It can bring smiles and nostalgia to many Egyptians who swam in a bathroom with at least one these, smaller versions of course.

Traveling across the world, this rubber duck has seen more countries than most Egyptians as Rubber Duck giant floating sculptures campaigns was implemented before in many destinations around the world including but not limited to France, Brazil, China, Australia, Canada and more…


Smiles and Nostalgia

Egyptian summers are famous being incredibly hot and energy draining, a perfect time to release the happy smiling bright yellow duck. This fun and interesting art installation is surely going to shake Egypt, bringing children and adults together in the memory of bath time. The duck will be visiting and staying at the Zamalek area, as well as taking in a few tourist sites in Cairo.


Social Media Reaction

Social media influencers including actors and fashionistas shared their own versions of  The Duck story as the campaign hashtag has gone viral in a span of two days. Check out the hashtags #Elbatta and #MountainViewAndTheDuck on Instagram to see social media reaction for the anticipated Giant Rubber Duck visit to Egypt.


Rubber Duck to spend 2017 summer in Egypt’s Sahel

Cairo citizens will be able to have tea along the corniche with a good view of the art installation. It is unknown how long it will be staying in Cairo, but insiders say that sooner or later it will move on to the coasts of Egypt.

Mountain View’s Ras El Hikma will be the final destination for the duck during its summer vacation in the North Coast. The rubber duck will be seen along Egypt’s Northern Coast, as well being hosted by Mountain View Ras El Hekma in Sahel.

When taking about beach front Greek style community, a Greek island in the heart of Ras El Hekma will be have more than enough room.

Mountain View’s luxury beachfront community, with 121 acres of land, will have more than enough room for the bright and happy rubber duck. The real estate company will be hosting the duck to bring some much-needed cheer and escape from the desert heat and city life.

Mountain View spreading Happiness

We often consider Happiness a result of occurences, but could it be the other way around? The collective result of such campaigns is that people tend to be happy, passionate, engaged. But using an iconic symbol of childhood, Mountain View tend to fostering a culture focused on happiness and community leadership.

Why are you in business and why should people want to work with you? some businesses are smart enough to consider what thoughts bring a smile to your face and lifts your heart.

You not only have to create the conditions that enable and encourage these initiatives that impact the community with new ideas and your customers will show up and regularly take part. Who wouldn’t be excited to swim with a gigantic rubber duck?

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