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Galaxy Chocolate turns traffic jam into carpool karaoke

The chocolate market is a wild world and true chocolate lovers appreciate and respect chocolate makers and chocolatiers.

Putting the lovely taste of chocolate aside, The Middle East and Africa is the fastest growing region across the world, particularly Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, the Chocolate market worth is expected to reach $131.7 Billion by 2019.

Chocolate marketing activity usually includes strong PR campaign targeting women’s magazines, newspapers and TV commercials. But video trends would allows chocolate consumers to enjoy the sweet side of the marketing campaign.

How Galaxy Chocolate used Carpool Karaoke Viral Trend?

Galaxy Chocolate Arabia released an advert promoting its new Galaxy Bites Ripple and Minstrels, or better yet, Galaxy is promoting life’s little pleasures through their new chocolate bites package.

Rather than coming up with new ideas of how consumer can find the little pleasures in their everyday chocolate bite, Galaxy Chocolate decided to trendjack the sensational “Carpool Karaoke” produced by The Late Late Show With James Gorden.

Carpool Karaoke with Adele is number one viral video on Youtubein 2016, with 150 million views and “Late Late Show with James Gorden” YouTube Channel has 9 million subscribers.

Along with, the phenomenal lip-syncing SketchShe videos on both YouTube and Facebook, with the same theme, however it is not star-studded show, only three girls mimicking famous singers with the outfits and the whole shebang.

The three Australian models of SketchShe became internet stars and gained 260 MILLION views across several social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

Galaxy Chocolate advert #LifesLittlePleasures carpool karaoke:

Galaxy Bites transforming traffic jam hell to a fun carpool Karaoke with friends or a lip-syncing entertainment session with the fun-sized chocolates.

Galaxy Chocolate projects Aussie talent SketchShe mixed with carpool fun in Galaxy Bite Advert. The latest advert is short, witty and with the unique Arabian taste, featuring Um Kalthoum, Sherine Abdel Wahab and Balqees.

The advert Arabic short version has a total of 2,492,818 views on YouTube till now while the English short version featuring Roy Orbison “Pretty woman” and 90’s Backstreet boys “Everybody”, gained 462,431 views on YouTube .

The advert English and Arabic short version has a total of 4.4 million views on YouTube. The diversity is welcomed however, the Arabian music gained the highest viewership!

Galaxy Arabia has succeeded in delivering the message in a familiar, trendy manner yet with its own brand’s taste.

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