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G20 Summit: US Defense Intelligence Agency apologizes for sarcastic tweet

The arrival of US President in Hangzhou, China for the international G-20 summit was marked with controversy over China’s hospitality and protocol. When President Barack Obama arrived in Hangzhou there was no red carpet and he had to leave by a different plane exit.

US Defense Intelligence Agency today posted a sarcastic tweet criticizing China for not being able to properly welcome Barack Obama, but later claimed it was a mistake.

The Defense Intelligence Agency linked to a NYTimes article about the incident and wrote to its 83,000 followers, tweeted Saturday from its @DefenseIntel account. The tweet, which was quickly deleted, read: “Classy as always China”.


Classy as always China
Classy as always China tweet

But, whoever the author of the straightforward tweet was — apparently someone responsible for DIA’s activity in social media — it looks like he forgot to ask for approval from the bosses. The tweet was immediately deleted and replaced with a different one:

The agency later tweeted its apology: “Earlier today, a tweet regarding a news article was mistakenly posted from this account and does not represent the views of the DIA. We apologise.”

About Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province on China’s southeastern coast. As the Province’s economic, cultural, technological and educational center, the city also plays a central role in the Yangtze River Delta. With a permanent population of 8.9 million as of the end of 2014, the Municipality is spread over an area of 16,596 square kilometers with the city proper accounting for 4,876 square kilometers.

The red carpet was clearly on display for Mr Obama's meeting with the Chinese president
The red carpet was clearly on display for Mr Obama’s meeting with the Chinese president.

Hangzhou is the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, and sits south west of Shanghai. Hangzhou was chosen as the embodiment of China’s economic shift from an economy based on low-cost manufacturing to high technology.


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