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FP7/CAI Join Forces with the Creative Industry Summit to Instill Creative Magic

When Creative Industry Summit hit the scene in 2014, the city was eager to see how this locally orchestrated conference will meet the claim of bringing all the players of the creative field together under one roof.  In a short time, the event proved to be up to par when it came to the quality of speakers, a well hashed agenda and an enviable attendance.

This year, Creative Industry Summit (CIS), with five successful events under its belt decided to take their business to the next level. Picking up on their rising potential, one of the country’s leading advertising agencies, FP7/CAI, opted to join forces with CIS, and use their creative razzle dazzle to help uplift its brand and reflect its ambition to grow from the local conference to the regional summit it aspires to become.

“Our role as one of the key players in the field is to scout up-and-coming local talent, and to offer our support to local initiatives with the potential to skyrocket to the top and become a game changer in the region. Our first assignment was to collaboratively uplift the summit’s Corporate Visual Identity, and transforming it from an event to a strong and distinctive brand.  My favorite thing about this particular edition was succeeding to encompass top advertising professionals, content creators and media giants, all under one roof,” explains Amr El Kalaawy, General Manager, FP7/CAI.

The identity that Creative Industry Summit decided to take on reflected the core of its purpose – Creativity – starting with the horizontal letter “I” in its name.  We’ve noticed it and we’ve liked it!


This fifth round was the highly anticipated annual Ramadan edition. Through a series of debates, discussion panels and presentations, the event brought together the glitterati of the industry, including top creative directors, leading creative executives, brand and marketing managers, drama and TV producers, digital experts and media buying agencies from all across the region.  Discussions shed light on how these talented visionaries succeeded in standing out amidst the hodge podge of Ramadan 2016 creations, and the future of censorship in Egyptian entertainment.

This action-packed one day event took place on September 5 at the iconic El Manasterly Palace in Cairo.

Keep your ears and eyes open for more news on their upcoming events taking place sometime during the first quarter of 2017.

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