For Brands: Here’s How To Get Ready For Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner as we are less than 10 days away from welcoming it. Ramadan is known to be the season for brands; it is the time when every brand tries to shine and flourish to earn new customers and gain wider popularity.

Ramadan is not just a season, it is also a huge competition for all businesses as they are all trying to top each other with campaigns and adverts; in fact, many brands enter international competitions with their Ramadan campaign.

So, if your own a business or a brand and you want to shine during Ramadan, here’s how to get ready to welcome this beautiful month.


Will You Need An Advert?

Deciding to create an advert depends on many factors.

First of all, you have to decide how you will be airing the advert; some brands release the adverts on their digital platforms and avoid TV, while others use both. Also, depending on the size of your business, you can decide whether to create an advert or not.

Another factor to help you decide is your budget; you have to check if your budget will allow you to collaborate with an advertising agency and create an advert.


Study Your Audience

Studying your customers and their behavior is essential.

Each Ramadan, the consumer’s behavior changes, and all brands have to do research to analyze the behavior and to expect how the customers will be spending Ramadan.

Studying the behavior of your customer will lead you to have a successful month as you will be meeting your customers’ needs.

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Pay Attention To Your Social Media

You have to have a smart plan for how you will be managing your social media platforms.

Starting from your content calendar to your moderation, everything has to be perfect. The first thing you do when it comes to your social media platforms is adopt the Ramadan theme. Your calendar should be related to Ramadan so your audience can relate to your ideas.

Engagement on social media platforms increases during Ramadan, as most people keep up with the news and TV shows through social media; this is why you have to invest in your social media during this period of time.


Consider Trendjacking and Newsjacking

Ramadan will be full of trends and breaking news, so, you better always stay alert.

Trendjacking and newsjacking will drive a high engagement rate on your social media platform, and there will be many trends and news in Ramadan.

Many brands use the most popular Ramadan series and relate it to their product, which grabs people’s attention, hence they will start communicating with you.

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Win Over Your Audience Through Offers

Campaigns and offers will make you gain new customers.

Customers always wait for Ramadan’s offers as it is a way to gain their satisfaction. So, if you’re providing a service or a product, think of an offer that can attract new customers and makes the current ones trust you and be loyal to you.


Take Notice After The Month Ends

When Ramadan ends, make sure you take notice to benefit you next year.

Based on this Ramadan, you can plan for your next one. Observe how your audience reacted to your brand and their behavior; it will set your mind and enhance your planning process and performance.


Remember, as a brand, this is the perfect time to shine.

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