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‘What The Font’ You’ll never need to ask with this app

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a designer, or even a business owner, is looking for a font. Especially when an old designer leaves and you are left trying to figure out what font they used for your branded content.

Well for you, and those who simply love a good font, there is now What The Font.

The What the Font app is the new mobile app/version MyFont’s successful desktop font finder. This is the first mobile app with this function, although there have been many websites that do the same thing.

The application is able to recognized any font that your phone’s camera is aimed at, and includes similar fonts as well. All you have to do is point your camera to the text, and wait.



The application is powered by a powerful deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it faster and more accurate than its desktop version.

The AI also gives bonus options, such as identify connected scripts and identify multiple fonts in the same image.

According to Seah Chickering-Burchesky, Senior UX Designer at MyFonts, the app can identify 130,000 fonts with the help of machine learning. The latest version of the app can spot multiple fonts in one image, as well as connected scripts.

The app was created in order to help designers, font enthusiasts and others who want or need to figure out the fonts used in text.

What sets the app apart from the websites that have dominated this function for years is its instant answers, and offline applications.

Now you can find out the fonts used around your daily life. Like that menu’s font? The ad on the Metro? The cool font on this website? What The Font has you covered.


What do you think of the app? Interested in using it? Click Here to get it.

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