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Fine Art Newsjacking by Lufthansa Social Media Team

While its not an easy job to formulate a fast, witty with strong engaging Tweet and/or, Facebook post, But! the German successfully created brand interest beyond football when Lufthansa created such effective newsjacking and spontaneous post that capitalize on opportunities as they arise when Germany won FIFA World Cup in Brazil last night.

Lufthansa world cup social media engagement

In a message left on its official Twitter account, the airliner described the experience as ‘the best extra weight they have ever carried.’
The best extra weight we’ve ever carried!
Earlier, the airliner- in the spirit of the occasion- changed the name on its 8 aircraft to “Fanhansa” for 2014 FIFA World Cup.
In an official statement issued prior to the start of FIFA World Cup the airlines said-
“In the summer of 2014, the biggest football event in the world keeps all fans in suspense. Part of the Lufthansa fleet will be temporarily unceremoniously renamed

Effective newsjacking strategy requires some careful planning, getting buy-in from everyone involved and the ability to react quickly as opportunities arise. Newsjacking is a fine art, but it can be extremely powerful to building social media reach and engagement.

For newsjacking to be most effective, it should be a well-thought out part of an overall social media and PR plan. In short, you shouldn’t go into work one day and decide that today is the day you should engage in some newsjacking.

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