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Fawazeer Juhayna digital activation Ramadan 2014

The recent viral video published by Juhayna titled [Juhayna Cheering Egyptian Mothers]. The emotional video which published on 6th of May on YouTube video reached 1.1M view with 300K organic view and on May 9th it was the most shared/viewed video among females on YouTube

This Ramadan Juhayna capitalize on the success of [Juhayna Cheering Egyptian Mothers] on Social Media, Developing two applications on Facebook and activating brand presence on Instagram.

Here are some stats from Juhayna Ramadan applications launched on 7th July

125,000 new fans on the page we’re now 352K
7,084,603 impressions (6.7m paid & 366K organic)

6 photo submissions on Instagram nd 130 new follower on Instagram

Fawazeer Juhayna digital activation Ramadan 2014
Fawazeer Juhayna digital activation Ramadan 2014
  1. Fawazeer Alf Om w Om
    • 1850 registered user
    • The riddles were answered 2700 times
    • 1375 user answered the riddles
  2. Shaga3 Mama:
    • 453 user accessed the application
    • 131 photos were uploaded on the application
    • 75 users uploaded their photos on the application

We asked Hana’a Baghdadi (Account Director) at Momentum about the campaign and she answered Think Marketing

Why the campaign did not launch during mom’s day in March?

We didn’t want to relate it to a special occasion, even if it’s mother’s day. The motherhood platform will be adopted by the Juhayna Dairy brand for the coming few years. We didn’t want the audience to perceive it as a tactical copy specifically created for mother’s day. Motherhood is not a seasonal event that happens once a year; it is an ongoing full time job that deserves a series of non-stop celebrations.

How did you combine digital and traditional campaign activities?

The copy itself was tailored to be launched on YouTube, as one long film showcasing the entire story. And all activations were derived from the main platform (Cheering for Egyptian Mothers), be it online or offline. We activated the Hashtag (#shaga3_mama) with the launch of the film, along with the official new Facebook page, which is the main channel of communication with consumers for this campaign. In Ramadan, we focused on the digital campaign by launching two competitions under the same platform. People are engaging and are heavily participating. Yet this is only beginning, as we still have many more activations planned for this year.

Is the campaign inspired by P&G ?

No one can own motherhood as it’s a universal platform, yet the main inspiration was derived from our daily lives and our appreciation for our mothers. And is exactly what was reflected in the copy with our unique Egyptian insights featured.

The P&G commercial focused on a specific aspect, which is how mothers always back up and pick up their kids when they fall. It was a specific copy, launched in celebration of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Our main concept revolved around appreciating mothers and the hardships they endure and the sacrifices that they have to make, which at the end of the day are never regretted by all mothers.

Do you think it become a trend for brands to create emotional stories?

There is no specific trend, we can say that emotional copies are close to people hearts, speak their language, feature their pain and happiness and that is why they are most likely to leave a stronger and longer lasting impact with the viewer.

Yet at the end of the day, it really depends on the brief and on the creative idea, not every product or brand can talk emotions, sometimes other techniques have stronger impact. Again not every emotional copy is relevant as it’s very tricky to trigger emotions in only 30seconds.

Which campaign did you like the most for Ramadan 2014? Why?

If we talk about our campaigns we will be biased J. There are plenty of interesting campaigns on TV; you can take it in a negative or positive way. Entirely up to you. Nonetheless, we’re still in the middle of the month, and we believe that there is more to come, so let’s talk about our preferences at the end of month.

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