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Fatal Mistakes on Twitter by Egyptian Mobile Operators [part1]

Social Media communication become a must for any successful brands , Some brands still getting fire-back for the wrong engagement tactics they use .

According to Marketing Charts survey for Social Media’s business risks , brand reputation damage came as the first fear for marketeers on Social Media .


No wonder we have we have faced a serious crisis in June 2011 for the famous Naguib Sawira Tweet  as Egyptian customers become really into social engagement and they value a well planned social media team .

Mobinil Social Media team come up with a new case have spread fun allover Twitter , The key this time was sense of humor of the hilarious response from Mobinil social networking team :

Mobinil customer service on twitter - Felix effect

The reply from Mobinil Official Twitter Account customer service representative have been retweeted over 190 times and Favorited by 38 twitter account .

Mobinil customer service reply on twitter

Within less than 24 hrs , Another case popped up but this time was from Etisalat Twitter Account !

Etisalat customer service personal conversatino on twitter

For a moment The customer service representative forget its main role and went into a personal conversation replying with her name although the basic rules says she should have replied with her name initiative letters .

Etisalat customer service on twitter personal reply

The reply have been re-tweeted 78 times and got Favorited by 7 twitter accounts.


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