Famous Brands Logos with Egyptian Flavour

Yes, this is the famous brands in our Egyptian Flavor, This is how they see them (as a first impression) in there different cultural eyes, feels and language.

The strange thing is that when we translated them to our great Arabic Egyptian Accent we found how English is really weak next to Arabic!

So, Why not to use our language in our brands naming? If we really have such a great language “The language of Quran” and a lovely accent ” The Egyptian Accent” We’ve to be proud of our language, its really Original, Sensational, Friendly, and fun.


Facebook Logo with Egyptian Flavour
Look like Facebook?


Look like Red Bull?
Look like Red Bull?


On The Run-Global-Brands-Logo-with-Egyptian-Flavour
Look like On The Run?


Look like Master Card?


Look like iPhone?


Look like BlackBerry?


Look like YouTube?


Look like Twitter?


Look like Gmail?


Look like QuickTime?


Pull and Bear-Global-Brands-Logo-with-Egyptian-Flavour
Look like Pull and Bear ?


Play Boy-Global-Brands-Logo-with-Egyptian-Flavour
Look like Playboy ?


Idea & Design By: Ahmed Biomy

Ahmed Biomy

Award Winning Designer and a creative concept maker, specialized and Graduated from Applied Arts design & advertising studies, My design concepts are self created & illustrated Guaranteed, No Templates or copycat. international design specs is a base as I've learned.