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Fake Jobs vs. Real Jobs in LinkedIn!

No one can deny that LinkedIn can be considered as “Jobs Planet”, if you are searching for a job in new company or new rule or even new country, you may find LinkedIn the best place to search! You may said “Look, i don’t look for jobs right now” ! But what if you need to look for job in near future or you need to find a job for your friend who is unemployed and don’t know how to find a job!

In the past years, there are a lot of insights released about how recruiters use LinkedIn as the 1st choice in their talent hunting and the most popular one is that “94% of recruiters using LinkedIn as their first channel of searching! “

It’s very important to highlight the difference between REAL jobs posting and FAKE jobs posting!

But first why do someone post FAKE job?  The answer is very simple … he/she needs more visibility … more connections or more email database!  As you will see later, fake jobs may get more than 30,000 like and comments, which is a huge number of views and traffic! You may find different types of Real jobs like:

Classical Job Search 

you can search for jobs through the item “Jobs” in upper menu, there LinkedIn will display to you jobs related to your location or industry , we can talk more about how to advance your job search in another article!

LinkedIn Classical Job Search
LinkedIn Classical Job Search


Status update by recruiter or Owner

This type of job posting usually done by Recruiters or Business owners , in this type you may find job title, summary about the job , job location and salary range , if this status is shared by recruiter so the employer name won’t be shared !

LinkedIn Status update by recruiter or Owner
Status update by recruiter or Owner

To see this type of job posting you need to:

– Build strong network of recruiters of your industry

– Follow up with their status updates

Jobs posted in Groups

This type of job posting is commonly used by recruiters to ensure more interaction and visibility of their post, as LinkedIn Groups have a lot of activities and interactions and it’s very effective when you post job in industry or location related groups.

To find this types of jobs you need to join related groups and LinkedIn allowed you to join 50 groups!

Jobs posted in LinkedIn Groups
Jobs posted in LinkedIn Groups


Shared links outside LinkedIn

This type is done by recruiters who already post their vacancy in another site and re share it in LinkedIn to get more visibility, as many recruitment agencies have their job applying system to ensure organizing their database.

Shared job links outside LinkedIn
Shared job links outside LinkedIn


LinkedIn suggestions

If you don’t use jobs item in main menu to search for jobs, LinkedIn will suggest you some related jobs in your news feed like above pic.

LinkedIn suggestions for jobs
LinkedIn suggestions for jobs

What you will find in these different types? What details are mentioned?

1-      Job title / Function

2-      Job location

3-      Employer “in some cases”

4-      Salary range and Benefits  “in some cases”

5-      Job Description “in LinkedIn jobs or jobs outside LinkedIn ”

6-      Contact details “email or phone or Both”

In FAKE jobs you couldn’t find such info about title, employer , salary or even contact detail !!




What do see ?

In 1st pic it was 14,348 like + 3,614 comment !

In 2nd one 32,420 like + 7,197 comment !

Tell me who can review such profiles! Or could you tell me where the job in this post is?



This post didn’t contain any info about jobs, just countries like UK or Singapore … even didn’t mention the job role like marketing or sales!



This post highlight the fact that recruiters may write very vague post in order to generate huge database of emails or resumes!

I don’t judge this post as fake job BUT I see it’s cheap way to attract job seekers!



This post contains job roles like engineering or marketing …etc. But can you define which country? Who is the employer? Contact details? Even he/she needs entry level or managers? These examples are representing fake jobs “From my point of view” And as for your info, I’ve hunted 2 different jobs from LinkedIn and assist in employing of tens of my friends and colleges! It all came from REAL posts not FAKE posts!

Final note: Please try not to share FAKE job! Feel free to connect with me and Share it if you like it

Waiting you valuable thoughts and comments 🙂