Fair & Lovely Foundation launches impactful campaign to empower 1M Egyptian women

Fair & Lovely has reflected on women’s dreams for the past 40 years. The famous cosmetics brand is committed to making a difference to women’s lives by enhancing daily beauty and lifestyle with innovative skincare products to encourage and support women in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Fair & Lovely will do this by not just inspiring women but also enabling them by giving opportunities for better education, career, and entrepreneurship via the Fair & Lovely Foundation.

Egyptian female students, mothers, grandmothers and women holding high positions in various fields are inspiring more generations to develop their knowledge and competences.

Fair and Lovely’s Foundation (FAL) and online educational platform Al Mentor are teaming up to help women across the country by providing a wide range of educational content on topics such as HR, Marketing, Sports, Lifestyle, Art and Language learning.

The campaign will have 3 heroes (Yasmeen El Rayees, Aya Mostafa, Maram Senosy). They will tell their story of how they pursued their dreams and defeated all challenges faced to encourage women to take action and achieve their desired goals.

How to Unlock Al Mentor Courses?

The campaign sets out a set of mechanisms to achieve its pillars.Fair & Lovely packs will have specific codes giving Fair & Lovely consumers an access to online courses offered on Al Mentor platform.

Get the access in 5 easy steps:

Consumers buyFair & Lovely pack > Gets the code from the pack > Goes to Al mentor website > Enter the code > Get Free access for courses.

After getting access to the free course, women are able to empower themselves through the knowledge and information, as well as the confidence received through learning new skills.

The provided courses are meant to develop Egyptian women’s capacities to expand their employment options, increase their participation in the labor force, secure equal opportunities for women and men in all sectors, including the private sector, and prevent practices that perpetuate discrimination against women.

Effective Cause Marketing Campaign

Do you know why your best customers turn into loyal customers? Why they do or don’t tell their friends about your brand? It’s about how your brand feels.

Fair & Lovely wants to create a positive change in the society in its own inspiring way by helping women get the confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

To help women achieve their dreams and hopes, the Fair & Lovely foundation’s newest campaign will allow women from across the country to get a free course on the Al Mentor platform.


Together, this major duo between Fair and Lovely’s Foundation (FAL) and online educational platform Al Mentor will be helping women to improve women’s lives through educational opportunities.

Fair & Lovely foundation has been an inspiring program for many women, providing scholarships and other encouraging content to help enhance women’s lives. The foundation aims to help young women across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia through their scholarships, online courses and career guidance and more.

Al Mentor has been around since early last year and continues to gain popularity and now gearing up with brands to create campaigns that can spread hope and develop people on topics such as HR, Marketing, Sports, Lifestyle, Art and Language learning

Working hand-in-hand, they are aiming to empower women through education, in order to finally meet their dreams, to grow and inspire other women to fight against the obstacles that push women back.

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