Facebook VS Hiring Websites: Which One Is More Reliable?

Applying for jobs now has become easier than before! If you were to look back around 5 years ago or even more, you would find that applying for a job required waiting for the company to announce vacancies. Sometimes, companies didn’t announce, and hiring depended on connections.

So, technically, years ago you would get hired if you saw a hiring announcement or if you had connections.

But lately, all of this changed! Social media and hiring websites have made it easier to find a job. But have you ever thought which one of these is a reliable source in finding a job?


How It All Started

Finding a job became so much easier when hiring websites started to emerge. For example, LinkedIn is one of the most famous websites to find a job and to connect with people who are in the same field as you.

Later, we witnessed the emergence of other hiring websites that made it even easier, like Wuzzuf and Jobzella. These two helped many people applying for jobs and getting interviews. Also, Wuzzuf has gained more popularity than Jobzella since everyone gets an email with vacancies from “Nancy Farid”.

Right after these hiring websites made a huge buzz and helped many people, social media interfered.


Facebook Is Trying to Have It All

Not so long ago, people started creating groups on Facebook that made finding jobs even easier than hiring websites. Many people post job vacancies on these groups along with their details, from the salary to the location.

You can find more than one group for every field and you can contact the person who posted the vacancy to ask for more details.

In fact, as much as there are many people who post vacancies, you can post the job you’re looking for with your years of experience and you will find many people telling you to send your resume.

Facebook Also created a “Jobs” section that works exactly like the hiring websites. Companies can insert the vacancy with its details and if it’s in your field, Facebook sends you a notification to apply.


Facebook VS Hiring Websites

We can frankly say that people are still counting on both in finding the proper jobs. But which one of them is actually getting more attention?

We think Facebook might win this fight, not just because of its “Job Section” but also because of the groups. Being in a group dedicated only to your field gives you many options; you’re not just scrolling between 10 jobs, you actually have more than that. This increases your opportunity in finding a job and getting an interview.


Can This Be The End of The Hiring Websites?

We’re not sure but the answer is probably going to be no. LinkedIn had survived the emergence of hiring websites and all of the Facebook features. So, These websites will still exist and people and companies will remain active for one reason, which is doubling the chances.

When you look for a job or a candidate, you want the best you can get, and Facebook groups with hiring websites can give you what you want.


In the end, tell us which one is your most reliable source in finding a job.

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