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Facebook Profile Videos: More Customizable Media Options

The features are designed to be mobile friendly and to add life to the Facebook user profile, which is now over 10 years old. A lot has changed since 2004, and Facebook is trying to keep up with the changes that have come about over the years.

Facebook is introducing five big changes to user profiles:

  1. The option to pin Featured Photos to the top of the profile
  2. Temporary profile pics
  3. Easier visibility controls for About info, including a new 100 character Bio field
  4. A mobile-centric design with centered profile photos plus big sections for photos and friends
  5. The ability to use a 7-second looping video as your profile pic.

Here’s a promo video Facebook made that explains how you can actually create one for your own profile:

Facebook users with the feature can take a selfie video from their phone or upload any video up to seven seconds long. As of now, there are no size restrictions, and profile videos will automatically crop to the square size we’re used to seeing on Facebook profile photos.

Profile videos will only loop when someone visit’s the user’s profile page — they won’t appear when that person’s status update shows up in your news feed. Instead, you’ll see a frame for the video the user selects. Meanwhile, audio only plays in full-view mode when someone taps into the video; it won’t play when someone is viewing your profile.

Do you think a profile video sounds like fun to you?

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