Experts’ Expectations On Podcast: Ahmed Rashad Tells Us What The Podcast Field Needs To Gain More Recognition

Following our experts’ expectations articles, we wanted to share with you the last interview we had for the podcast field. This time we interviewed the podcast host Ahmed Rashad to share with us his thoughts on the podcast in Egypt and how 2022 could impact the field.

Ahmed Rashad owns a podcast under the name of “Business bl 3arabi” or “Business بالعربي” and from the name, you can tell that all the discussions in this podcast are in Arabic. “Business bl 3arabi” discusses entrepreneurship and how to improve your leadership skills through discussing the latest books and topics in business and personal development.

Let’s begin.


1- What are the expectations for the Podcast field in Egypt especially in 2022?

The podcast is very new in the MENA region and it’s still in its early beginnings especially in Egypt. I started almost 2 years ago with a huge group of podcast hosts and I knew about 10 of them at that time but today it’s only me and another one who is still working in the field.

Since the podcast is still in the very beginning here in Egypt, my expectations are that it will continue its growth and more people will be joining the field.


2- What are the expected challenges that will face the field and hosts in 2022?

The podcast is a different sector, it’s different from YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms, this is why few people keep can keep producing content; it needs someone who can have a long-term plan.

The first challenge is monetization; some people until now didn’t figure out how to monetize or understand how numbers work; to them, the numbers are grabbing any attention.

The second challenge is the continuity to produce more content.


3- How do you measure the success of your podcast?

It’s hard to measure success, but to me, it’s the exposure and the ability to educate people and make them want to listen to you.

Also, I think that the real success is in the continuity of people listening to you and how you’re always improving the content.


4- What do you think the podcast field needs to gain more recognition in Egypt?

I think that podcast hosts need to stand hand in hand together to do cross-marketing or companies can fund the field or give financial aid through advertisement.

Also, I think podcast hosts need to be trained on how to host an interview because it is different from having a friendly conversation; they have to know how to converse with the guest and ask the right questions.


5- What other podcasts do you listen to?

I listen to many podcasts, like Tim Ferris Show, Freakonomics Radio, Behind The Brands, Making The Brand, and Harvard Business Review. These are the ones I love listening to.

You can listen to the podcast from here.


We hope you enjoyed these interviews with our talented podcast hosts and learned from them. 

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