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Exclusive: Nestle launch first branded section on

Nestle Egypt just took a smart move by finding a way to express care for customers by boost a meaningful content online, and guess what? This time its not on Social Media. With over 23 Million monthly visits and massive consumer engagement presented a great opportunity for Nestle to engage and delight consumers online.

Mohamed Abo El Fotouh
Mohamed Abo El Fotouh, Digital Media Manager at Nestle

As part of Nestlé’s evolving digital strategy in Egypt aiming to reach consumers through various digital platforms that they find interesting.

On a phone call, Mohamed Abo El Fotouh, Digital Media Manager at Nestle told Think Marketing “18M Egyptians on Facebook while we have more than 38M internet users, We want to engage more people outside Facebook”

He added; Our most recent project is a long term collaboration with one of Egypt’s leading women interest websites;

We understand that Facebook has over 18 Million Egyptians, but the fact is that almost 40 million Egyptians are online and the majority is still not on Facebook yet and using other platforms the most famous of which is

I have great pleasure to announce that “Nestle El Assasy” powder milk has launched the first ever branded section and branded account on opening the door for brands to engage with consumers on this amazing platform. Our main strategy moving forward is to deliver nutrition and parenting information, tips and articles to consumers acting on Nestle’s position as the expert in nutrition and following our vision of Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

Rami Halabi, Chief Executive Manager at
Rami Halabi, Chief Executive Manager at

On the other hand Rami Halabi [Chief Executive Manager at] said: we are pleased to announce our cooperation agreement for Engagement Sponsorship Program with “Nestle Assasy” for the first time on “”, The number one Women Portal in Egypt & the Region. Fatakat  has been considered as a social media website that rely heavily on the active engagement of users to create, manipulate, and share content.

Nestle Assasy will be providing Fatakat users with an Educative Information & that will be a new way to characterize the change in how users interact with the website & the Suppliers

The social element of Fatakat social media resources supports the development of learning environments that offer learners the ability to connect, interact, and share ideas in efficient and effective ways.

Abo El Fotouh also mention that we have been collaborating and planning this launch with for the past 4 months and we are extremely happy with the current outcome and how is now advancing to open room for brands to engage with consumers on their platform.

You can find Nestle section on the forum page under Family section on
You can find Nestle section on the forum page under Family section on

Nestle Digital Media Manager added: We are truly proud to have had the opportunity to launch this great initiative and we are confident that our relation and presence on will only grow further in the future.

According to this deal, Nestle Egypt aim to shift the digital landscape for brands from only traditional social media platforms to include other engagement outlets where millions of consumers actively participate.

We at Think Marketing consider it a smart yet very efficient  approach to targeted niche market with personalized content that add value to their lives. This would be the first recognized step for Nestle Egypt, but lets wait and see if more brands will consider and follow the same tactics on more specified portals to integrate with brands presence on Social Media Networks.


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