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Exclusive: British teacher gives [E-safety] practical lesson on Facebook

Social Media websites can be fun to use, and they can be helpful in staying in touch with friends and family or for professional relationships. But posting personal information on your webpage can lead to unwanted attention. People can use Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn requires submitting personal information like your phone number, email address, home address, name and age.

Debbie Jennings, a British teacher decided to prove to her class that they have no control on the photo published on Social Media by posting a duck picture that states her idea and ask people to share it and comment locations. Debbie set 5 days as a deadline to measure the viral reach for her duck but we captured the post after seven days with 50,674 shares and comments from UK,  Czech Republic, Australia, Canada and more !


We guess if the comments wear opened, It would have attracted more surprising locations tagged. We wish the practical experiment nailed it for the class.

Finally, we advise to open a new tab in your browser and use Google to search your name,  The results might surprise you !

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