Every Mom Deserves A Break: Vodafone Campaign Celebrates Mother’s Day Based On True Insights

We absolutely love Mother’s day for two reasons; the first one is obviously because it is a day to honor our mothers and the second reason is that brands always unleash their creativity. Mother’s day is a season where brands launch campaigns, release adverts and create many offers to attract customers.

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This year we were waiting for a certain brand to release its advert because last year’s advert was highly cheerful, this brand is the international telecom company Vodafone. Vodafone has been releasing creative adverts especially lately as we have come across many creative and funny ones.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Vodafone has amazed everyone with its brand new advert that went viral the second it was on social media.

Let’s dig more about the new Mother’s Day campaign.


Every Mother Deserves A Break

You will fall in love with the advert the moment it starts, it is guaranteed.

On the 13th of this month, Vodafone Egypt released a brand new advert to celebrate Mother’s Day. The advert spread faster than fire on Facebook once it was released; it was so obvious that everyone fell in love with it from the very first second and we have to admit, we did too.

The advert is super funny and so true!

The goal of this advert is to promote the new offer from Vodafone, which its users can now buy their Mother’s Day gift using Vodafone Cash and they can enjoy a discount up to 20%.


The Reason Behind All The Love

We have to state a fact, which is the advert’s idea is hilarious and every mother can relate to it.

The advert depended on many types of appeals, humor appeal, personal appeal, social appeal, and music appeal. All of these appeals made it easier to reach people’s hearts including the target audience.

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Along with all these factors, there’s a certain main factor that inspired the creative team to come up with the idea. This important factor is ‘Insights’.


True Insights Are The Key To A Successful Campaign

The way the advert went viral and how every mother related shows that its idea was based on insights.

The advert’s idea is based on how mothers take a break whenever their kids are not home or asleep, which is a fact! This idea is based on an authentic experience that only mothers talk about and it was never used before in an advert, this is why we believe that the idea was a result of good research and insights.

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This leads us to a result that good research and gathering information and insights will lead to a huge success for your campaign because it will be based on facts and situations everyone goes through; so your audience will relate to it.

Whenever an audience relates to an idea, it achieves success.


Millions of Views and Trending On YouTube

Let’s talk numbers.

The advert is number 19 trending on YouTube and it has over 800K views and over 200 positive comments. As for Facebook, the advert has over 3 million views, 23K shares, 9.4 comments, and 36K reacts.

All of the comments are praising the advert and that it made them laugh.

We are giving Vodafone a huge round of applause for this creative idea and hilarious advert. We can’t wait to see more campaigns.

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