Etisalat Comes Up With Technical Solutions To Entertain Its Users

The Coronavirus pandemic had caused an increase in every online service and even created new ones. Since people are working remotely and staying home, they tend to be online all the time to either entertain themselves or to enjoy certain services.

Social Media and Online streaming websites are playing an important role in our life and recently people have been using them more than any other time due to the spread of the Coronavirus and its lockdown.

With people staying home due to the quarantine, they have been complaining about being bored all the time and that they are looking for things to entertain them while being at home.

Etisalat has been playing an important role in making staying home much easier for its users by utilizing its services to facilitate their needs and to entertain them.


Technical Solutions To Help Etisalat Users

Ever since the lockdown had occurred, Etisalat has been creating technical solutions to help its users with their daily tasks.

The company dedicated applications to help users with their business and My Etisalat to help them with their bills and everything else.

The Network Operator is always working on more solutions to present to its customers, but this time it was dedicated to entertaining them.


Etisalat New TV App

Due to the quarantine and with everyone is following the precautions by staying home, Etisalat is launching a new website and application under the name Etisalat TV Application.


The application will include movies, TV shows, and live streaming from channels. The application will be available on Android and iOS phones, Android TV or a user can enjoy the service through Etisalat’s TV website.

The company is the only telecom operator that will provide over the top services (OTT) which will provide the user with live streaming of OSN Channels, FOX Movies, Star Movies, and ART.


The Application’s Features

The application is available to anyone who owns an Etisalat number and the first month is free with a cancelation option at any time. One of the main features that the Etisalat user will enjoy is using the application without the need to have a credit card since Etisalat is the only company that will provide over the top services (OTT).

The application will include English movies, TV shows, Live TV channels with subtitles; and since the holy month Ramadan is here, Etisalat TV application will provide the users with all Ramadan content along with Arabic movies. The application will also allow four devices to use the same subscription.

The application will have a Micro Charging feature, which means that if the user has less credit than the required to renew the bundle, they will still get to continue streaming and using the application; the TV application will have free dedicated data incentive.

Etisalat customers will choose among many packages that are automatically renewed; the company is providing a package that will cost 110EGP per month and they will enjoy the application and 3GB internet to use. Another bundle for 40EGP monthly with 1.25GB to be used in the application. For daily use, the customer can enjoy the application for 3.5EGP per day.


Etisalat is known for creating new technical solutions to serve its users and it has been doing a huge effort to make staying at home easy for people.

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