Etisalat Ramadan 2012 Campaign between Innovation and Imitation!

After the successful launch of Etisalat | Egypt Ramadan 2012 campaign which focused on encouraging the competitors customer’s to breakup with operator ( not a secret it was targeting Vodafone & Mobinil customers)  It was shocking to discover that the core concept was a copycat for Tele2 one of Europe’s leading telecom operators that Sweden !

Although the hired agency did a great work in creating a targeted message for the Egyptian customers focusing on sense of humor and we witnessed the campaign creating a buzz specially online . We noticed a new 12 uprising Facebook fan pages tittles “ماتقولش على نفسك كدا إنت جميل ” and allot of comics playing with Etisalat advert which spread so fast because it was really funny !

However, It seems the creative agency didn’t invest that much in creating a new concept and decided to copycat the previously created in 2010 concept “BREAK UP” to be the approach for Etisalat Ramadan campaign 2012 .

TELE2 the Swedish mobile operator breakup outdoor campaign
TELE2 the Swedish mobile operator breakup outdoor campaign


It seems that the agency just forget we are already in 2012 and we live in a small world where allot of information is accessible via Google !

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