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7 Entrepreneurship lessons, advice and inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk

7 Entrepreneurship lessons, advice and inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk

You may or may not know Gary Vaynerchuck, but his influence and impressive foresight has made this self-made millionaire someone to listen to.

This 4-time bestselling author, early investor in Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat and one of social media’s most prolific content producers is someone you can’t miss. His most famous achievement is building one of the first wine e-commerce platforms, which grew a family business from 3million USD to 60million USD sales in only 5 years.

This serial entrepreneur’s favorite hobby is giving away his hard-earned knowledge and experience. He goes all around the world, giving talks about entrepreneurship, life and marketing. His content is massively shared online, with many claiming he has changed their lives.

If you’re a struggling entrepreneur, or simply struggling, this is a profile to follow.

Here are some of the lessons @GaryVee has been sharing on his Instagram.


1- Don’t stop yourself, Go All In!


2- If you don’t love where you are or what you’re doing, leave


3- Don’t do it only for the money, you’ll burn out


4- Accountability and less entitlement are the way to go

. Either you were born with too little or born with too much. That is the conclusion I have made based on the 10’000’s of interactions I’ve had over the last year. – Here is the issue and the opportunity, so many of you who stopped to read this blame something or someone else. That’s super fine and all but the issue is simple, once you learn to blame yourself happiness is around the corner. – The issue with blaming Someone or something is it makes you feel like your not in control and not being in control of your life leads to extreme happiness. Allowing someone to be in control aka your parents are paying for shit because you have too big of an ego to work somewhere basic or too lazy to put in the super hard work to make something for yourself, sucks, but it’s reality. – Blaming where you were born, to whom, who was around you or terrible events all leads to negative shit. – Make this morning the morning you blame yourself for everything whether it’s true or not the mindset will lead to your happiness. – PS: be smart about blame, it’s in the past, who gives a fuck, it’s over, the accountability that you are in control of today and tomorrow is the 🔑

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5- Positivity is the right content

. If you can get these two traits “down” and in harmony it becomes the blueprint to success. – To the many of you who see this I want to wish you a wonderful end to the holiday weekend. I also want you to spend today and reflect on 2 things. – #optimism : it’s so underrated, actually believing in the good, in the opportunity, in the possible is a huge factor, those who aren’t optimistic about the future tend to find failure. – #2 action : I am stunned how many aren’t all in on “doing” the work, the effort, the early mornings and late nights of you want it so bad, matter! Auditing what your doing from 9-5 or 8-6 or 7-7 or 6-8 of whatever your hours are is very important, are you reading and watching about success or are your creating, taking meetings, executing on your ambition. – Tag the last person you DM’d – #garyvee #hustle #ambition

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6- Appreciate where you are, and what you’re doing


7- Marketing Lessons

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