Employees’ Rights Everyone Should Know About

It is very common for anyone who started their career and became an official employee to complain about work as no one is completely satisfied with their job or company. As an employee, you have to know that you have rights and you have to be aware of whether your company is taking away those rights or not because maybe this is the reason why you’re struggling in your job.

Not all employees are aware of their rights and this is why the work system is a mess as some companies take advantage of this.

So, here are the basic employee rights you should know about so you can work according to the law.


The Probation Period Can’t Exceed 3 Months

Some companies provide a 6-months-probation period. This is illegal.

According to Egyptian labor law, a probation period shouldn’t exceed 3 months. So, if you’re applying for a company and they told that the probation is more than 3 months, you have to know that it is illegal. Some companies follow a pattern of hiring someone to spend the probation time just to fire them after the period ends.


21 Days-Vacation

This is a common struggle with everyone as employees tend to worry about asking for some time off.

You have to know that you have 21 days off as annual vacation, so, for a manager to reject your vacation request is actually illegal. Also, if you didn’t take the whole 21 days, it should be given to you as an additional amount of money on your salary by the end of the year.

This happens in case the company is providing insurance.


The Working Hours

You’re only allowed 8 working hours.

The legal working hours are 8 hours per day or 48 hours a week, without meals or rest breaks. Also, based on the labor law, you’re not required to work additional hours due to the “Business needs”.


The Termination Rules

Did you know that for a company to terminate an employee, they have to follow certain rules?

The termination has to have a legitimate and adequate justification and if not, both parties have to compensate the other for the harm caused.

There’s also another labor law that states that a contract of employment can be terminated at the end of a fixed-term contract or at the end of a task/project.


Equal Opportunities

All employees should be provided with equal opportunities.

The law prohibits any type of discrimination in salaries based on religion, sex, origin, or language.

In fact, some countries discriminate between men and women when it comes to wages, and this is why feminist activists protest against this discrimination and demand equal wages.


Other Rights You Should Know About

Here are some rights that you shouldn’t let anyone take from you.

Discrimination shouldn’t just be in wages, it should be in the way the staff treats you. Some companies discriminate between men and women. As an employee, your company shouldn’t know any information about your private life and you have every right not to answer such questions.

Any type of harassment should be reported and it is your right to demand an action taken against the harasser.

Also, asking for a vacation is one of your rights and you shouldn’t state a reason for it.


You should know your rights as an employee so you won’t allow any company to take advantage of you. 

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