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Emirates teams up with Ellen de Generes to send entire audience with free tickets to Dubai

In a genius marketing move, DeGeneres backed up the Emirates campaign to cinch the deal with statistics revealing 41 per cent of Americans don’t take vacation, or that the average American leaves eight vacation days unused.

Ellen surprised everyone in her audience with round-trip tickets to Dubai from Emirates. The host started off the segment she called Hello Dubai during her show by inviting two audience members to play a mock quiz game.

On her show on May 23, she had Emirates flights to Dubai up for grabs, complete with a hotel stay, US$2,000 of spending money and a trip to Cape Town in South Africa. To win, contestants only had to answer simple questions such as “How many days are there in a week?” and “What show are we shooting?”

Once she picked the winner, with the help of an Emirates pilot Ashley, DeGeneres told her excited audience she had a bonus round — for a round trip to Dubai. And they all won!

The two-time Academy Awards host, actor and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres took to social media to share the news, tweeting: “My whole audience got a trip to Dubai, thanks to Emirates. Seriously.”

Ellen surprised everyone in her audience with round-trip tickets to Dubai from Emirates, but they’re not the only ones going on vacation! Ellen has a pair of tickets to give to a lucky Ellen fan! Enter to win a pair of tickets to Dubai from Emirates, here!

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