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eMarketing Egypt to release first study on users’ engagement with online advertising

eMarketing Egypt, a leading firm for the e-marketing consultancy and the sole provider for online competitive intelligence support in Egypt, will hold the annual event to launch the 6th edition of the report: E-Marketing Insights in Egypt. The event will be held in partnership with The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) and will be hosted at their premises in the (Smart Village) on the 22nd of December 2015.

Company’s annual report includes extensive analysis of Facebook users, the largest internet community used by Internet users in Egypt, and this year’s edition will contain also a detailed study of internet users’ interaction to online advertising.

This report draws its importance from the ever evolving importance of the internet as a must-to-adopt tool for marketing purposes. The growing reach and importance of the internet in Egypt can previewed via two main indicators:

  • 48 + million internet users, more than 50% of Egypt’s population
  •  27+ million Facebook users, more than 30% of Egypt’s population

The report provides extensive analysis of Facebook users, three main observations could be highlighted here:

  • Egypt ranks the 14th worldwide in terms of the number of Facebook users, and the first among Arab countries.
  • 52% of the Facebook users in Egypt are younger than 25 years, and those who are aged 18 years are the largest single-year group using Facebook.
  • 35% of the Facebook users in Egypt are females, while this percentage gets higher to 40% among the users below 25 years old.

And in line with overwhelming need to study to Egyptian users’ online behaviors and attitudes specifically towards the online advertisements. eMarketing Egypt had decided to conduct the first survey fully dedicated to meet this need; this study is run in cooperation with a set of esteemed companies and organizations.

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