Case StudyUncategorized Releases Top Restaurant Insights & Dining Trends in Egypt [2015]

In a complex marketing environment, marketers today might agree that consumer insights are a good thing, but the lack of credible insights would hinder marketers from understanding diner’s needs and how they choose taste, price and consumer’s behaviors and trends.

Consumer insights help marketers to explore the desires and barriers of diners in choosing restaurant and favorite meals. This would be a guideline you can use to create a unique and memorable experience for diners.

With hundreds of thousands of users accessing elmenus every month from mobile and desktop, elmenus analysed the data and user behaviors to came up with very interesting insights for the second year in a row.

Throwback: El Menus Insights & Food Trends in Egypt [2014]

In 2015, over 14 Million food decisions were made on elmenus. elmenus has grown exponentially and so has the restaurant industry in Egypt. As work hard to help more people make better dining decisions we are amassing millions of data points. decided to share with us, foodies, 2015 insights on the new dining trends, how fast this industry is growing and of course our attempt at examining gender stereotypes.


elmenus is a food discovery platform with over 3000 Restaurant menus and 300000 dishes to help you decide what to eat. elmenus started off in June, 2011 out of Cairo, Egypt with the insight that the biggest barrier between people and the joy of discovering new food is lack of information. We are continuously innovating new ways to break that barrier between our users and their next great meal by crafting a simple to use product that we ourselves are delighted to use.

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