Egypt’s Supreme Media Council bans (the African version) of Telecom Egypt’s TV advert

Egypt’s Supreme Media Council bans Telecom Egypt’s TV advert. According to Hassanein Tayea The Supreme Media Council, headed by Makram Mohamed Ahmed, has decided to ban the broadcast of the Telecom Egypt’s TV adverts due to damaging Egypt-African relations.

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The council said in a statement that the TV advert affects Egypt’s interests in Africa and undermines the political efforts to strengthen relations with African countries, especially in light of the Egyptian openness to Africa since President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi presidency.

He continued that the African copy pf the advert will be completely banned from broadcasting on TV screens, noting that there will huge fines against any TV channel that will broadcast the Telecom Egypt’s TV advert.

He pointed out that the decision comes upon a complaint submitted by ambassador Khaled Emara, Assistant Minister of Foreign African Affairs and on the recommendation of the Complaints Committee of the Media Council headed by Gamal Shawki.

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