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Egypt’s One and Only Creative Summit is back with Ramadan Edition 2016

The Creative Industry Summit Ramadan Edition takes place on September 5th 2016 at the prestigious Manasterly Palace, Cairo with the participation of 600 experts in the creative industry as well as directors, producers, and celebrities to discuss creativity in advertising, drama, and digital marketing campaigns during Ramadan 2016.

The Summit features seminars on the most prominent creative issues in the Egyptian market and the Middle East.  One of those issues is the great focus of creative works during Ramadan in comparison to the rest of the year and its impact on channels and those working in creative industries, as well as the role of drama in shaping culture and the move of many companies towards digital marketing and advertising through social media instead of traditional means such as television and radio.  In addition to video on demand where the audience has recently become more inclined to watch series on the Internet as opposed to watching on television due to long advertising breaks.

Amr Ashraf, Founding Partner of Creative Industry Summit, stated, “Following the great success of the first Creative Industry Summit Ramadan Edition in September 2015, we decided to hold the Ramadan Edition on an annual basis to discuss the most powerful creative works during Ramadan, which is the busiest season.  The Summit’s Ramadan Edition is a promising opportunity for participants to draw on important lessons and experiences to benefit future creative works, particularly during Ramadan.”

Mai Salama, Founding Partner of Creative Industry Summit, added, “The Ramadan Edition agenda includes a number of panel discussions, debates, and presentations on the most successful advertisements, drama productions, and digital marketing campaigns.  The Summit’s agenda focuses on topics of interest to those working in the creative industry, such as changing advertising budgets for companies and charities and the role of drama in shaping culture.”

The Summit is witnessing increasing demand from participants each year. The 2016 Ramadan Edition brings together a diverse selection of industry professionals and creative experts such as Marian Makary, Head of Communications at Orange, Tamer Alphonse, Industry Manager for the Telecom Sector Egypt & North Africa at Google, and Dany Azzi, Creative Director at FP7/RUH.

The Creative Industry Summit is held annually in April since its great success in 2014.  Additionally, a Ramadan Edition is held every September to discuss creative ideas in advertising, drama, and digital marketing campaigns during the month of Ramadan, which is the busiest season for those in creative fields.

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