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Egypt's Head of State Information Services Resigns For The Constitution Banner !

Amgad Abd El Ghaffar
Amgad Abd El Ghaffar

Head of Egypt’s state Information Service Amjad Abdul Ghafar said on Wednesday he had offered his resignation to caretaker President Adly Mansour, a step that comes days after his agency was disgraced by blunders in a poster promoting the country’s new constitution. Amgad Abdel Ghaffar thanked his colleagues at SIS for their cooperation when he held office.

SIS was criticized for a banner hung in a press conference on Sunday promoting the new constitution that misspelled the word Egyptians and had images of foreigners rather than Egyptians.

Three out of the five people on the banner that was supposed to represent Egyptians were foreigners as shown by Google image searches.

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”” author=”Amgad Abd El Ghaffar”]I offered yesterday [Tuesday] my apology to the president of the republic for not continuing in my post. I would like to express thanks and appreciation to my colleagues at the Information Service for their efforts and positive cooperation when I held the post.[/blockquote]

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The State Information Service has come this week under criticism over mistakes discerned in a giant poster that appeared at the background of a press conference the agency organised in Cairo on Sunday for Amr Mousa, the head of a commission that drafted the constitution. In the poster, the Arabic word for “Egyptians” was misspelt. Some faces shown in the poster were found to be foreigners, although they were referred to as Egyptians.

SIS has formally apologised for the errors in the banner in a statement saying that it was delivered hours before the conference as a donation from a non-governmental organisation.

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Egypt will see a referendum on its constitution in mid-January.