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Egyptians are the most active on social networks

Egyptians are some of the most active in the world on Social Networks. About 68% of Egyptian Internet users use Social Networks daily, spending 16 hours on average per week online according to TNS Digital Life.

TNS Digital Life study targeted 72,000 people in 60 countries, with the aim to shed light on consumers’ online shopping habits, shopping on Social Networks, as well as items typically purchased online.

According to TNS study, 46% of Egyptian Internet users believe that Social Networks is a good place to learn about products, 31% say that Social Networks is a good place to buy products from, 9% research brands online, 3% are connected to brands and make brand friends on social networks.

“There is about 10.5 million users in Egypt on Facebook alone, which is the largest Facebook community in the Middle East”, said Tamer El-Naggar, TNS CEO North Africa. “The demand is defintely there. Social networks is a major part of Egyptians’ digital life, but this is not yet translating into true opportunities for the brands”, added El-Naggar.

Communication makes up almost 50% of Egyptians’ time spent online, according to TNS study. Egyptians prefer active than passive activities online, contributing their own information to the world, including uploading videos and music, posting messages on Social Networks, blogging, chatting, etc.

“Effective online brands’ messaging should be engaging, offering interactive and playful opportunities to utilise the potential of social networks,” commented El-Naggar.

While 2% of total Internet users purchase online, TNS Digital Life study reveals that the greatest proportion of Egyptians’ online spends is on computer software (31.3%); followed by movies download sites (21.7%), music download sites (14.5%).

“Online purchasing for the vast majority is still low. Even when consumers are researching online they will purchase offline,” commented El-Naggar. “However, online information plays a larger role and is likely to increase massively with infrastructure improvements in the future,” added El-Naggar.

According to the study, TV and newspaper advertising, sales assistants and word of mouth are the touch points most heavily used by Egyptian internet users. ‘Earned media’ including word of mouth, expert and consumer reviews, consumer reviews on social networks, blogs and videos are utilized by 80%. ‘Bought media’, including TV, print and online ads are utilized by 78%. ‘Owned media’, including sales assistants, product samples, brand website and on social networks are utilized by 72%.

“The path to purchase” was much simpler in the past. It was merely a reaction to a traditional medium advertising. Now, with the introduction of internet, this process is becoming more personalized and much more dynamic. Companies need to choose the effective touch points, create an engaging message online and combine it with the effective traditional touch points,” concluded El-Naggar.

Egypt Sample size in ‘Digital Life” study was 1000 females and males of active Internet users between 16-65 years old. An ‘Active Internet user’ is someone who accesses the Internet at least once a month, on any device.

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