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How Egyptians abroad used social media to show solidarity during COVID-19

The recent circumstances in Egypt had everyone panicking and living in fear. With the spread of coronavirus in Egypt and around 196 people were infected and some deaths, the country started taking some serious actions to limit gatherings and to control the spread.

Due to the global pandemic, Egypt decided to suspend schools, universities, gyms, and events for 15 days to help to control the virus. Since the quarantine process is being applied, a lot of companies decided to enforce the “work from home” process to avoid any possible contagion.

Awareness is being raised through every possible channel, including media, news and social media is doing a huge part in raising awareness and giving major help to those in need.

Strict Protection Rules

Last week, Egypt suspended all international flights coming and going to avoid any infection. The Ministry of Immigration urged Egyptians who are currently abroad to reach out to the ministry. Due to this decision, all Egyptians who live abroad have to stay there until further notice.

The Power of Social Media

After the suspension of international flights, social media played an important role; a hashtag went viral under the name [#احنا_في_ضهرك] translated as [We’ve Got Your Back].

The members of a Facebook group called “Travel Secrets Club” created the Hashtag to support Egyptians who are stuck abroad and can’t get back to Egypt.

Egyptians who settled outside of Egypt created this hashtag to invite other Egyptians to stay at their homes temporarily until the international flights are back again.

Egyptians from all around the world posted on their timeline that anyone who doesn’t have a home and can’t get back to Egypt is welcome to stay. All of the posts went viral all over Facebook and the news spread so fast that everyone started writing about it, whether to help or to promote the idea.

An initiative inside Egypt

While the hashtag went viral with Egyptians abroad trying to help; the Egyptians here are trying to help each other. Some Egyptians offered their houses to other Egyptians or foreigners who can’t find a place to stay due to the suspension.

Someone posted a Google sheet so people can fill it, but by those who are willing to help and to provide temporary homes.

The initiative went even viral when Egyptians started to offer help not just just abroad but also inside Egypt.


As much as we believe in the good and pure hearts of the Egyptian people. We believe in the power of social media because, without it, these posts would have never gone viral and help wouldn’t be offered.

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