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Egyptian Sense of Humor Infects Bayern München Social Media

Big brands use jokes to market their products all the time. Official FC Bayern München Facebook fan page decided to bring some fun mentioning the Egyptian joke [Factory of chairs]. The page witnessed a trending buzz when Egyptian fan commented cheering up for Al Ahly team, and the page admins asked to explain. You might seen this screen shoot in comics fan pages.

Behind Factory of Chairs

A joke is a very serious thing.- Winston Churchill

Afterwords, The page administration was smart enough to gather the meaning of [Chair Factory] and used the same term to express the result of  Borussia Dortmund match ended Borussia Dortmund 0 – 3 FC Bayern München with thanks for Egyptian fans for supporting Bayern München.

Factory of Chairs

Actually its a smart move and it shows Bayern München talents not limited to football but they also have a great sense for multi-culture communication allows them to attracts fans and supporters allover the world. This response also proves how Social Media has no rules yet. And it gives the advantages for smart minds to make the best out of digital communication to build a bond with customers/fans.

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