Egyptian Ministry to launch awareness campaign using musical instruments recycled from garbage

Egyptian Ministry of State For Environmental Affairs launched a creative campaign to increase awareness and grab attention to recycled products value. The tactics embedded in the campaign was different than the usual formal approaches used by governmental entities in Egypt.

Raising awareness for Environment issues is an important step for new clean Egypt. The Ministry For Environmental Affairs used diversity of locations for marketing the valuable message and lead by example in the 3 adverts where all the instruments used in the campaign is fully recycled musical instruments. The campaign aim to increase awareness for waste sorting process by which waste is separated into different elements at the household.

[youtube width=”655″ height=”354″][/youtube]


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[youtube width=”655″ height=”354″][/youtube]


Client: Egyptian Ministry of State For Environmental Affairs (‎)
Agency: Agency 622
Production House Key Film

Director: Ali Ali
Producer: Adel Abdullah
Executive Producer: Najla Rizk
Production Consultant: Heba Ghazala

Creative Director: Meryl El Afifi
Planner: Hussein Faheem
Music Composer: Sari Hani


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