EgyptAir MS804 viewpoint: Vinciane Jacquet Exposing Real Face of Biased Media

Before the rise of professional journalism in the early 1900s and the conception of media ethics, newspapers reflected the opinions of the publisher. Biased media refers to the bias of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of which events and stories are reported and how they are covered.

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This new era in which some media systematically emphasizes one particular point of view to push a certain opinion for public, Social Media gave a chance to publish facts and true stories that go viral!

Vinciane Jacquet Story

Vinciane Jacquet
Vinciane Jacquet

Vinciane Jacquet is news and documentary photographer based in Cairo, Egypt. Vinciane Jacquet Graduated in Communication and International Public Law, Human Rights defender, She stand up for freedom of expression in all its forms, in every place, for everyone.

Vinciane Jacquet main interests go to humanitarian crisis, political and social issues. She describe herself as photojournalist discovering, meeting & reporting with respect & truth. Back in 2014, Vinciane Jacquet successfully went among top 10 finalists of the 2014 Freedom House contest, “Images of Repression and Freedom”. Contributor for SIPA Press agency and Transterra Media.

While, investigators are searching for the blackboxes that record what was said in the cockpit in EgyptAir MS804 flight’s final minutes, Vinciane Jacquet (correspondent of LeSoir in Cairo) was just fired for refusing to blame Egypt Air for the accident!

Stop sensationalism. On her Facebook account,Vinciane Jacquet in a message shared thousands of times, she wrote about how Le Soir asked her to cover the disappearance of  EgyptAir plane by changing her angle that was meant to focus on the sadness of the families. Le Soir wanted Vinciane Jacquet to write about the lack of security of the Egyptian airline!

EgyptAir MS804 Vinciane Jacquet Media Le Soir
Vinciane Jacquet statement published on Facebook

It seems like LeSoir wanted EgyptAir to take all the blame while Egypt Air flight MS804 last stop was Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, the second-biggest in Europe and the ninth in the world for passenger traffic. Of its 100,000 employees, thousands are border police officers, customs personnel, soldiers and private guards who patrol daily to secure public areas, baggage sorting sections and tarmacs.

Vinciane Jacquet Become a Source Of Inspiration:

Because she believe in her mission as a journalist seeking for only truth and nothing but facts, Vinciane Jacquet has become a source of inspiration to many people through her story of professionalism, determination, and stubbornness. On Twitter, many tweets praised her reaction to Le Soir request to alter the facts and publish opinionated coverage for EgyptAir MS804 flight crash accident.

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