Egypt The Future Promotional Video Released "Invest In Egypt"

Egypt is proud to host the Economic Development Conference (EEDC) in Sharm El-Sheikh on the 13-15th March 2015. The Egyptian government is addressing Egypt’s short-term economic challenges while bolstering long-term economic confidence by creating a foundation for lasting development and fiscal stability. 

Attracting leading global figures from business and politics, the EEDC will highlight the extensive reforms the government has already implemented and showcase future reforms designed to restore fiscal stability, drive growth and attract investment with the overarching aim of improving the welfare of the Egyptian people.

The conference will also present investment opportunities to domestic and international investors across key sectors.

The EEDC planned to reposition Egypt on the global investment map and affirm its potential as a source of political and economic stability in the region and a trusted partner on the international stage.

The conference is a key milestone of the government’s medium term  economic development plan, which is designed to bring prosperity and improved social services to the people of  Egypt.

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