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Egypt’s state blocks 21 news websites including Al Jazeera

State news agency MENA and security sources have announced the reason for the 21 blocked websites, stating the websites were being used to support terrorism. Websites such as Qatar based Al Jazzera and Mada Masr have been blocked by security forces.

Egyptian security forces state they have blocked these sites for spreading support of terrorism, being funded by Qatar or being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt has accused Qatar at various times of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which could be the reason for the blocking of Al Jazzera and certain websites. Although, websites such as Huffington Post Arabic, which was also blocked, are not affiliated with Qatar or the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Reuters, “The block follows similar actions taken earlier on Wednesday by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who got into a war of words with Qatar and blocked Al Jazeera and other websites.”

Other websites included in the online block are Al Sharq, Masr Al Arabia, Arabic 21, Horria post, Klmty, Rassd, elshaab among many others.

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