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Egypt creating new administrative capital city

Cairo is the largest city of the Middle East and in Africa with almost 20 million people its recognized as one of the most overpopulated cities in the world.

While many are convinced that Cairo’s beauty has waned as a result of overpopulation, Egypt’s new capital city is expected to be constructed 60 KM outside Cairo, close to the Suez Canal Corridor Development scheme. The Egyptian government will probably relocate to the new capital, which will be located east of Cairo and take 12 years to build.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb’s Cabinet is studying a proposal that entails creating a new capital city for Egypt, which would be established east of Cairo, on the Suez-Cairo-Ain Sokhna road

Map of past City Centre projects. Credit: Ahmed Zaazaa
Map of past City Centre projects. Credit: Ahmed Zaazaa

The new administrative capital scheme will be financed through the sale proceeds of adjacent land plots that would be offered to investors, according to Egypt’s Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform Ashraf Al Araby.

Governmental buildings would be relocated to one district in order to make things easy for citizens. The new Egyptian Capital project targets easing downtown Cairo traffic and is part of the Cairo 2050 project.

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