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Egypt Constitution promoted by Non-Egyptian faces ! [updated]

the 50-member committee completed their work on the new constitution for Egypt – the second in less than two years. A press conference was chaired by committee head Amr Moussa to answer questions pertaining to the national charter that will be put to a public referendum on 14 and 15 January.

The constituent committee headed by Amr Moussa held an intl press conference and while the panel was discussing the new charter, there appeared a huge banner that surprised many of the audience and whomever had an observant eye.

The most surprising thing, In addition to the word [المصريين] was misspelled, in Arabic (Misreyeen) – placed above the photos on the huge banner – is misspelled. Instead, missing one letter, the banner uses the Arabic word for “determined” (Mosireen). was that three of the five people represented did not appear to be Egyptian at all. And it did not take long for picture recognition technology to confirm that they were not.

The huge banner reading “All Egyptians Constitution” hanging in the background during the international press conference. Three out of the five people whose images were used on the banner appear to be foreigners.

Egyptians are missing

For each country there must be a distinctive character, In such a banner simple logic would picture an Egyptian Farmer with the  famous Egyptian [Galabeya]. Additionally a  hard worker with the blue dark suite and his tools in hands would be an idea first hit your mind. Even if it sounds non creative but this is really how the Egyptians look.

Also, The banner ignored any woman wearing a veil, even though the majority of Egyptian women wear the hijab.

3 out of 5 on ‘all-Egyptian’ constitution banner aren’t Egyptian

Non-Egyptian 3 out of 5 faces in Egypt Constitution banner- Photo REUTERS
Egypt’s outgoing constituent assembly chairman Amr Moussa (C) attends a news conference in Cairo December 15, 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

It was not considered the authentic Egyptian skin color and its clear that all five people could be found on the first pages of Google search searching simple terms such as “doctor”, “Egyptian soldier” and the designer didn’t even buy a copyrighted version of the images used in the banner design.

The Doctor:

Non-Egyptian 3 out of 5 faces in Egypt Constitution- doctor banner
Screen shoot from

The Businesswoman:

Non-Egyptian 3 out of 5 faces in Egypt Constitution- woman banner
screen shoot from


The Down Syndrome Man:

Non-Egyptian 3 out of 5 faces in Egypt Constitution- Down Syndrome Man banner
Screen shoot from


Finally, guess what ? The Egyptian farmer picture was taken by polish photographer Frantisek Staud.

Conclusion //

Google images is not the best source for such an occasion and adding a photo session cost to the whole project would have saved the country image in this International press conference.

The Agency held the conference or, whoever was responsible for it should have given bigger attention to details like the chosen pictures so that to reflect the true persona for the Egyptian society.

Inspired By Richard Spencer article in Telegraph

Update : SIS apologies for ‘All Egyptian’ constitution banner

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