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Egyptians Show No Sympathy For Taxi Drivers Against Uber & Careem

When you meet or exceed a customer’s expectations, they can do wondrous things for your reputation and even become brand advocates/promoters through spreading positive word of mouth while recommending you to others. This is exactly what Careem and Uber did to penetrate the Egyptian Cab market.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Customer Satisfaction

If you want to succeed, never underestimate your competition. Majority of traditional taxi drivers in Cairo streets did not care much for customer satisfaction and now they complain about Careem and Uber taking a big portion of the cab market!

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In contrast, Careem and Uber drivers work diligently to delight their costumers and hammer heavily on the customer satisfaction element while making sure that the clients will have a memorable ride.

Egyptians used the #SupportUber hashtag on Facebook to respond to the taxi driver’s current actions toward the competitive atmosphere in the market, which express how Egyptians perceived the traditional taxi drivers calls for protesting.

بمناسبة مظاهرات سائقي التاكسي ضد #اوبر احب اقول اني من يومين كنت في كايرو فيستيڤال سيتي و جيت اركب تاكسي ابيض الساعة ١١:…

Posted by Ahmed Sheshtawy on Thursday, February 11, 2016


Opinions Shared on Twitter

Twitter is all about sharing people’s thoughts and interests. When customers find their expectations have been met or exceeded, they’ll often share those experiences with friends, family, and followers on social media. Thus, satisfied customers can be fantastic brand advocates and also can be detractors. Let’s see how Egyptians tweeted sarcastic messages to Taxi drivers…

Lesson learned

Whether you like it or not, competition is part of the game and every maturing service is bound to swim in the rid ocean of competition. Therefore, the only way to survive in an ever challenging business world is to work on your service differentiation while fighting for your customer’s satisfaction.


Ironically, the actual winner from this entire competition game is the Egyptian passenger. If you can visualize the taxi cab market’s future in Egypt, you can easily predict the price and quality war that will erupt even more in favor of the customers’ interest. And interestingly, the Egyptian society as a whole will benefit from the switch of preferences to the taxi service while cutting down the personal car usage and eventually cutting down the horrible Egyptian traffic. Also, more investments will be poured into the taxi cab market due to the thriving competitive market

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