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EGBANK’s MINT dedicate its AFCON campaign to Egypt’s National Team with “Winning” solutions

With Egypt playing against South Africa this weekend after making it to the next round, it’s time to really get serious about cheering on the national team. We’re taking a look back at one of the more fun campaigns of the AFCON 2019 season, EGBank’s MINT’s “winning” solutions campaign and competition.

Launched last week, EGBANK’s MINT is creating a small storm with their new competition for AFCON.

The campaign starts off with this friendly football conversation-like jingle, which focuses on some of the more unorthodox and funny ways that the national team can try and use to make it to the gold trophy. EGBANK seems to have listened in to quite a few conversations over the last few days, or have some very serious football fans at the office, as the ad describes several “winning” solutions that you may have heard over the past few days.

Using insight taken from their own “football” master or gathered from the dozens of cafes and cheering fans during the last few days, the ad compiles a lot of common and uncommon methods.

A lot of brands have been celebrating this year’s big football season, but MINT really pushes for engagement with their campaign.

And just like last year’s campaign, this year is all about inspiring youths > You think EGBANK MINT campaign is funny but it should inspire you to succeed

The campaign asks for football fans to submit their own funny lyrics, similar to the ad’s, that describe other funny and unorthodox ways that the team can use to make their way to victory. The company has even set up its own website for fans to submit to.

Fans with the best lyrics will win an iPhone and the chance to yell in the stadium, “listen to me, EGBANK loved my idea!”



EGBANK’s MINT was launched during last year’s Ramadan as a new youth-centered banking solution to help provide specialized services to young adults, like their now notorious and underestimated character Raouf.

MINT provides banking services for those between 16 and 29 years old along with a personal banker to help youths with understanding their best financial options. The launch also aligned with EGBANK’s MINT Incubator for young startups.

The website also includes a blog that provides help in some of the financial basics such as savings vs current accounts, different types of loans and how to improve your financial management skills. These provide a much needed helping hand for young adults who are looking far ahead into their future, or even those that simply want to begin their adult lives with a strong knowledge base.

They have also launched a MINT Ambassador program for “undergraduate students who are looking to better their understanding of personal financing and ease their daily struggle with money management.” These students will learn about financial literacy from EGBANK, and will then be encourage to share the knowledge with fellow students.

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