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DriveTribe: Specialized Social Media Network For Car Addicts

Social media platforms, they are true to their name, they are certainly, social. Which offers a variety of mediums in communicating with your friends, brands and great source of entertainment. That has been great so far, however we are noticing a slight shift in the social media platforms that is quite intriguing.

We all have different preferences in the way we consume our entertainment and news, right? Some like imagery more than text and others prefer videos, and this is what separated those platforms before, but now we are seeing more specialized platforms delivering information and connecting users with people who share the same hobbies and interests, without any distractions and interruptions of pictures of your friend’s lunch or pets.

Some of those specialized networks are; Airbnb for travelers, for athletes who are interested in cycling and running, specialized for photographers and creative artists. for football lovers.

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Most recently we found out about, which is considered as a siren to every car addict and petrolhead, which are estimated to reach 428 million fans on Facebook alone.

Drivetribe platform is created by the three Careteers Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, best known for their TV show Top Gear, along with Andy Wilman, their long-time TV collaborator, and serial tech entrepreneur Ernesto Schmitt who is the CEO of Drivetribe.

Drivetribe is not only a mobile application but have social media presence as well, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. By creating this app they are helping their fellow automotive lovers to get the news and original artwork dedicated to the platform.

DriveTribe: Specialized Social Media Network For Car Addicts

Users choose the Tribe they want to follow that ranges from; the thee leaders (founders) Tribes, Curves Soulful Driving, Fuel Tank to car brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and much more. People can create their own tribes and create original content and have other fans to follow this tribe, bump, comment or repost their content. The platform hosts a diverse form of content that ranges from articles, photos, videos and interactive content.

Schmitt said; “We are taking a sector via a channel and augmenting it with a community around the concept of a tribe. A tribe is a group of people, surrounding a leader, rallying around a common cause. That leads to a huge level of engagement,” and then explained; “We use the power of the machine to figure out exactly what kind of content fits with what individual. We have invested a lot into machine learning, it is a platform that can have infinite combinations and permutations around who receives what content. It then presents that content where users are without friction, which is primarily on their social media timelines.”

In less than two months Drivetribe is already gaining a lot of followers in all social media platforms and 10K downloads of the mobile application which showcase the need for more specialized social media networks.

It is getting very noisy on the internet and users are more time-conscience, so we wish to see more people finding this gaping holes in the market and working towards creating and delivering world-class content to connect more like-minded people together.

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