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ON drama creates the Egyptian storyboards for “Gravity” and “The Hobbit”

Ramadan: This ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar is at once a period of religious devotion and a time for the television industry’s best productions.

With more than 38 Ramadan Mosalsals coming to your TV screen this year, 2017  year is no different for top Arab actors provide multiple episodes revolves around cliffhangers, strong emotions, history, suspense and highly charged plots but never sci-fi or, fantasy!

What if Iman El Sayed replaced Sandra Bullock in “Gravity”?

Can you imagineIman El Sayed as a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission and during a routine space walk, disaster strikes!

ON drama Advert crafted by King Tut’s Playground- KTP creates the Egyptian version of “Gravity” starring Iman EL Sayed and showcase which role would be perfect for Iman El Sayed to fit in.


Khaled Eleish Starring “The Hobbit”?

What if Khaled Elish meet the wizard Gandalf and convinces him to join a group of dwarves on a quest to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor?

The advert offers a collective experience of the Egyptian society and how what works in American fantasy movies wouldn’t typically work for Egypt.

Ramadan Drama and Advertising

More advertising is aired on TV than during the non-Ramadan period that’s why Ramadan for drama producers is the biggest season to compete for viewers’ attention. Over 30-day period, Ramadan Mosalsalat arena usually gains the highest advertising revenues of the whole year.

Advertising slots tend to be longer during Ramadan season, especially after the evening Maghreb prayers while over 50 series across MENA region trying to get highest viewership and to be on the top of Ramadan conversations.

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