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Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Page Management

onnect with your Facebook fans but don’t tick them off with annoying material. It doesn’t matter how cool tour product is, who you have representing you that’s hop or what you’ve done right in the past. If you act in a way that annoys your fans the annoying stuff is all most of them will remember. Facebook is fun time for most viewers, so despite its name, it’s not a place for in-your-face strategies. They won’t work here.

12 Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Page Management
12 Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Page Management

Maintain Minimum Advertising

“Sell, sell, sell” doesn’t work here. In fact, you ought to keep your ads to only twenty percent of your Facebook page content. It’s also known as the “80-20” rule. A full eighty percent of your page content should indeed be social. If you’ve been working in sales but would prefer small talk and being friendly to ramming the sale down the client’s throat, then Facebook is your place to contribute to your company’s success. You want to keep in touch with social posts by customers and respond to them within an hour and in less than twenty four hours to be sure the customer knows you’re connected and that you care.

Make Posts Short

But always keep your company’s Facebook posts short! Short means 80 characters or less. Short posts received sixty-six percent more engagement than longer posts did, according to experts at Vertical Response Marketing. Experts from Lab 42 found that most people do like Facebook as a place to interact with brands they like, but also that half of all people were annoyed by Facebook ads for cluttering their newsfeeds. Keep it short. Always.

Keep the Information Accurate

Keeping it real is also very important, studies are showing. It’s quite easy, and cheap to buy likes for your brand’s Facebook page, but it’s thought to verify of these likes come from real or from active fans who are really connected. If you can’t uphold the reputation you create, you’re in trouble, not to mention that fake likes could be connected to scrapers. Fake comments don’t help you either, sine you can’t back them up with a source later. Your competition would love to trip you up here.

Grow Organic Connections

Plant organic connections that will really grow. Organics isn’t just for the food business. All an organic connection is is one that’s real. You link your Facebook page to websites that you share a legitimate connection with. The growth of traffic may be slower in this approach, but every connection is sincere and likely will bear real fruit.

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