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Dodging the crisis bullet: “Let’s Talk” conference is coming to Cairo next November

These days, Digital PR is a solid feature and practice that any PR agency should have, and Fekra Communications is stepping up to provide a meeting point in which PR professionals can meet and thoroughly discuss Digital PR.

Unlike many other Public Relations conferences, Let’s Talk is aiming not only to reach out through traditional PR practices, but by also focusing on Digital PR.

The event will also pit clients and agencies together, in a first-ever agency-client debate, intending to strengthen those relationships through a more-detailed understanding and dialogue. Answering the question, “Is the region getting its share of expertise when it comes to providing the right level of consultancy services in crisis communication?”

Let's Talk Crisis Communications – Powered by Fekra Communicat…

Let's Talk Crisis Communications – Powered by Fekra CommunicationsMarch 8-9, 2017The Address Hotel Dubai Mall, UAE

Posted by Let's Talk Event on Monday, March 13, 2017

Following an inaugural successful run in Dubai earlier this year, Let’s Talk is coming to Egypt.

Already, dozens of policy makers, senior officials, communication experts and top representatives of various companies have been confirmed to attend. Companies include Vodafone, Juhayna, Uber, Qalaa Holdings, Huawei, OLX, PepsiCo, and Soft Power Productions.

Other attendees include Publicist Inc., Rada for Research & Public Relations, Editor PR, 4PR, Vantage, Kijami, and other communications and public relations experts.


Some of the items on the agenda of Let’s Talk?

The impact of new communication platforms, especially social media and the online world, has made companies more prone to fast-spreading crises. That, or social media has just expanded the ease of which crises can spread.

“With the continuing evolution of communication platforms, news and word of mouth spread faster and even wilder than it used to a decade ago. Today we live in a world where both government and corporate reputations are more fragile and where crises seem to be occurring more frequently.”. 

Mohammed El Batta, Fekra General Manager, and Conference Manager.

The event also hopes to share insights and best practices from leading industry minds on how to protect an organization’s reputation. As well as topics such as how to dodge a “crisis bullet, managing risks online, and how to regain the trust of journalists to improve your image post-crisis.

The event also includes, on its 2nd day, a crisis management workshop. Attendees can join a simulation, in which participants will use their skills and what they learnt, and work to implement the correct actions according to a crisis. It will also provide a practical operational framework for pre-emptive action planning.

The conference recently had its first run in Dubai, and is now on its way to Cairo. The conference is held within a series of events under the title “Let’s Talk,” which will also be held in Saudi Arabic and other Middle Eastern and European countries.

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